Publication requirements

The publication should be prepared in English and Russian (translation is possible), have a volume of 12-15 pages, it should not have been published anywhere else and have more than 85% of the author’s text. 

The number of the authors in one publication is 5, no more than 2 publications with the same author’s participation can be accepted. 

The article should have a certain structure (more detailed information on the requirements can be found here). 

Together with the publication prepared according to all the requirements, it is necessary to send the information about the authors (the form can be downloaded here

After confirming the acceptance of the paper, it is necessary to send a license agreement completed and signed by at least one of the authors of the paper, the agreement and consent to the transfer and processing of personal data (will be sent after the paper’s adoption). 

See the paper sample here 

The paper publication payment in Scopus / WoS is carried out only after the author receives the message on manuscript acceptance for publication and is performed according to the invoice and receipt